Rainbow Poems (A Quick and Easy Way to Brighten Your Room)

Spring is here, even if the weather here in the Pacific NW doesn't show it.  Since this is the time of year I usually started our weather study, it always seemed like a great excuse to write some rainbow poems to brighten up the classroom!

I started with a class brainstorm on an anchor chart.  Students shared different ideas for each color and I recorded them as we went:

Next, students headed back to their seats and began to write their poems.  Some years it was a super simple format (red is a ___) and other years we wrote similes (as red as a ___).
I love this rainbow graphic because it has room for all seven colors.  It comes from A Little Peace of Africa.  You can find it here.

One year I used this addition rainbow craft from Lita Lita as one of our math rotations.

 I figured we could do double duty and add our rainbow poems to the cloud.  You can see that some of my kids worked on the 2-digit problems included with the craft and others had 3-digit problems I added for them.You can get your own copy of this rainbow craft here.

These rainbow crafts would look great on a bulletin board or hanging from your ceiling.  This was always an easy, low-cost way to brighten the classroom and get students excited about our weather study.  Happy Teaching!

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