Sequence of Events Practice Using The Three Little Pigs

Once upon a time, there was a teacher who had a small group of students struggling with retelling a story with the events in sequential order.  After speaking with her fairy godmother (aka Literacy Coach), they worked on a plan to get these kids to the ball.

The teacher and her fairy godmother did their chores first.  They selected familiar texts (fairy tales) that were below level.  By doing this, they could completely focus on the task at hand: sequencing!  After days and days of endless chores (practice), the kids were ready for the ball (hands-on learning)!

The teacher took the role of the Big, Bad Wolf and blew on the story of The Three Little Pigs until all of the events of the story were out of order.  Each student received a copy of the mixed-up tale:
 Teacher Tip: I gave each student in my small group a copy on a different color of paper because I didn't want their paper strips to get mixed up and cause even more confusion!

Then each student cut apart the story events:

The students began to piece the story back together.  We looked for key words that told the sequence (first, second, etc.)  By having paper strips, the students could easily manipulate the story, read, and make changes, as needed until the story made sense.

Once the story made sense, the students began to glue the events in order on the recording sheet.

You can grab this sequencing practice here.

 In case you were wondering, the teacher lived happily ever after as she walked her students out to the buses for dismissal.
Happy Teaching!

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