Scholastic Book Order Activities

Stop! Don't toss those Scholastic Book Orders into the recycling bin just yet!  Here are four ways you can reuse those Scholastic flyers and keep your students engaged in learning at the same time!

>>> Sort it Out <<<
In my second grade classroom, we spend a good chunk of our time on identifying the differences between fiction and nonfiction.  A great way to use those flyers is to have your kids sort the titles on a piece of paper.
Students can also sort by Author's Purpose (to entertain, to inform, and to persuade).

>>> Add it Up <<<
We're a Common Core state.  In second grade, students are expected to add up to four two-digit numbers using strategies based on place value and properties of operations.  You can do that using book orders.  Give your students a book order.  Allow them to choose four items.  Then have students swap flyers and calculate the totals.
You can take it a step further and have students make change, too!  For older students, take a look at the bundles and have your students calculate the price per item.

>>> Make a Recommendation <<<
Are you looking for a quick and easy way to incorporate opinion writing?  Have your students complete book recommendations.  

>>> Take a Vote <<<
If you have a bunch of bonus points you haven't used and want to buy a new book or two for the classroom, let your students have a say.  Cut out the book covers & blurbs and set up a graph.  Students can place a sticky note above their book choice!

I hope you'll be able to use these ideas!  You can grab the activities here.  If you are looking for more reading or math ideas, check these out:

Happy Teaching!

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