3 Ways to Organize Weekly Spelling Practice

I have been asked to share some of the ways I organize my weekly spelling practice.  I prefer to incorporate spelling practice into our Word Work rotation during our Daily 5 block (you can read more about our weekly routine here). In order to do this, things need to be organized so the students can access and use the materials independently. Here are my three favorite ways to organize student practice.

Pocket Charts
Any pocket charts that hold folders work great because they don't take up a lot of space and the different activities can be housed in separate pockets. I was able to grab a couple of small pocket charts from Target this summer. These have 5 pockets, which means they are perfect for our weekly spelling practice.  

I can load up each folder with the worksheet I want my students to complete that day. Students just need to open the folder of the day. 

I like to keep extra lists near the worksheets just in case!

This option is great for both the editable worksheets or the blank worksheets.  I can keep extra lists in the first drawer and place the copies needed for the week in each of the other drawers.  

When I use the editable worksheets, I just print on different colors so the students know which paper to grab from the drawer.

Spelling Folders
This is a great option to save copies in the long run. Each folder is filled with the spelling worksheets my students use.  The worksheets are placed inside sheet protectors. Students can practice all year long using a dry erase marker and a spelling list (dice and paperclips are needed for two of the worksheets).

I love that students can pull these out easily during our Word Work rotation and work at their own pace.  These are also be great for fast finishers! 

You can find the spelling worksheets here. I have packs for 10 words15 words, or 16 words. You can even try a FREE sample here.

You can find even more word work and spelling ideas on my Pinterest board:

Happy Teaching!
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Eli said...

If I buy the 15 word editable spelling worksheet product, will I be able to add 5 more words? We have 20 words each week.

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