The Very Stuffed Turkey (Turkey Craft & Book Companion)

Are you still looking for a great read aloud before Thanksgiving? You should grab a copy of The Very Stuffed Turkey by Katharine Kenah!  

If you aren't familiar, here's a little more about this story:

Picture books are an amazing resource to introduce vocabulary words and to check for comprehension. The amount of text and content is manageable and the pictures support your struggling readers. You will find vocabulary word cards as well as a match-up page in this pack. You'll also find comprehension questions that can be used for group discussion or for students to respond to in writing. I also like to review story elements of picture books. Often I will give each table group a spinner and have the students work together to identify the elements.

After reading I like to deepen our connections with the text using writing prompts that get my students thinking about and beyond the text. I have the students glue their prompts into their notebooks. By the end of the year, these notebooks become a wonderful way for students to see how much they have grown as readers during the school year.

This book is jam packed with verbs! I love using this sorting activity to make sure my students can identify and distinguish the verbs from familiar nouns used in the text.

If you're looking for that something extra, you'll have to check out this turkey craft that doubles as a reading or writing response booklet!  There are three writing templates included: full sheet of lines, half a sheet of lines, and a blank template. You can pick and choose which template will work best for your readers!

You can find all of these resources here:

Happy Reading!

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