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Are you reading Sneezy the Snowman by Maureen Wright to your class this month? Today I want to share a few activities you can use with your students! 

Here's a summary in case you aren't familiar with this story:

After reading I always do a comprehension check. My favorite ways to do this are by asking questions and having students retell (or summarize) the story. Since my students already sit in groups at their desks, I like to print the questions on different colors and distribute one set to each group. By doing this, more students get an opportunity to answer questions and the pressure is off my shy students to answer in front of the whole class.

After group discussion, I will have each student choose one of the cards to glue into their reading response notebooks. 

I have also included vocabulary cards that you can have on display during reading. To take vocabulary one step further, you can use these winter word templates with the vocabulary words. Students write the word on the hat. On the snowman, students can write an original sentence, draw a picture, write synonyms, etc. These can be put on display or even made into a small classroom book after adding other vocabulary words you are learning.

For a simple written response, you can have students change up the text and make small substitutions to keep the rhythm of the author's writing style.

I also love to use craft booklets to get my students to respond to reading. This snowman template comes in three different options (lines, no lines, and lines with a picture space). After students have completed their reading responses, they can staple the pages together with the craft on top to create a snowman booklet.

In the story, Sneezy ends up eating ice cream to stay cool when he gets too warm. So I included this ice cream cone template you can use. You can stack the ice cream scoops:

or you can staple the ice cream scoops together into a booklet:

You can find all of these activities here:

Happy Reading!

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