Snowman Supplies (a Free Math Station)

A few years ago I was bored to tears trying to find engaging ways to practice addition in my classroom, particularly when needing to add up to four 2-digit numbers. I decided to bring a little real-world math into the classroom and let my students go shopping. Today I want to let your students go shopping with this little freebie:

 Just like the other stores in my shopping pack, Snowman Supplies has a colorful poster, two recording sheet options, and 8 task cards where students must find the sum of four items.

After reading the task card, students must use the store poster to record prices on the chosen recording sheet. Then students will find the sum of the four items and record the answer in dollars and cents notation.

You can grab this freebie here:

For more shopping & money activities like this one, check out this resource:

Happy Teaching!

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Elementary AMC said...

I LOVE this idea, thanks so much for sharing!!

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