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Students need time to practice their spelling words in class. By having a large number of activities to offer, you can avoid falling into the spelling rut! My spelling packs have recently been updated with new activities and I wanted to share those with you today.

Graph Your Words - students count the number of letters in each spelling word and create a bar graph of the data. You can either type the spelling list onto the paper before printing, or have the students add their spelling words prior to graphing.

Hidden Words - students write their spelling words in white crayon. A partner uses colored pencils or markers to reveal the hidden words.

Growing Words - another twist on the three times each practice. Students write their words a little bigger each time. There is also a version called Shrinking Words where the spelling words get a little smaller each time.

Super Spelling Sentences - this activity encourages students to combine a mixture of spelling words into one sentence. After writing the sentence, students will illustrate and circle the number of spelling words used in each sentence.

 All Mixed Up - students will write their spelling words into the circles so the letters are all mixed up. A partner must work to unscramble the spelling word and write it below the circle.

3 Different Colors - this puts a fun spin on the traditional three times each spelling practice. 
You can read more about how I organize spelling activities in my classroom and how I have used spelling folders here.

Not only have my spelling packs received new activities, but there is now a pack for 16 spelling words for my friends that use Journeys. You can find all of my spelling packs here. You can even grab a FREE sample that includes Graph Your Words and Super Spelling Sentences!

Happy Teaching!

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