Laminating - Do You Really Need to Pre-Cut Your Pieces?

Do you love laminating? I do! For years I have laminated the small pieces of my games and centers to make sure they will last. Because I use small pieces, I have been cutting the pieces, laminating, and then cutting again so the edges would remain sealed after laminating. I started reading stories about teachers who never cut prior to laminating. I was skeptical, but also curious. I had to try it out for myself and here's what happened.

First, I printed off some pages from my graphing pack, put them in pouches, and sent them through my Scotch laminator.

Next, I was ready to cut the cards apart.

After cutting, I had to check out the edges and can you guess what I found????

They stay sealed - total game changer!

So as you're prepping materials for your classroom, skip the pre-cutting and save yourself some time.

Happy Laminating!

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