Multiplication Mazes

Math mazes are a great way to get your students practicing math facts! This set of multiplication mazes focuses on the factors 2-12, with TWO different mazes included for each factor. On each maze, students move from start to finish by identifying the true math fact sentences and watching out for the false facts along the way.

 Today I want to share several ways you can use these multiplication mazes with your students.

 Crayons or Colored Pencils
This is probably the easiest route to go. Just print the mazes you need on white paper and let your students choose the color they want.

Sometimes a small change in the tool can make a big difference for students. Instead of a traditional marker, give your students a highlighter to mark the true multiplication facts.

Bingo Daubers
If you have access to daubers, this is a great option for students who take FOREVER to color. Students can simply mark each fact and still see the maze when finished.

Dry Erase Markers
If you want to save on paper copies, this is the route to go. Just grab some sheet protectors and place the mazes inside. You can even insert puzzles back-to-back for double the fun!

Colored Paper
Each maze has a label in the upper right-hand corner for easy identification of the factor students will find in the maze. However, sometimes printing on different colors of paper makes it easier to sort the mazes and differentiate for students. When using colored paper for the mazes, students can lightly shade in the boxes using their pencil, crayon, or colored pencil.

You can find all of these multiplication mazes here.

There's also a pack of addition and subtraction mazes here

Happy Teaching!

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