Setting Classroom Goals, Part 2

As you start another school year, I'm sure you have a million and one things planned to do with your students. One thing you should definitely take the time to do is set goals with your classroom. They really help set a purpose for ALL of your students and help with building classroom community. I've posted about how I set classroom goals with my students HERE.

After writing that post, I have received many questions and requests about the posters I used. Today I want to show you how you can use these posters to help your students track the progress made towards their classroom goals.

First of all, there are several options of goal sheets for you to choose from (and more will be added in the future). No matter the design, all of the goal sheets have the same header to keep a uniform look, but you can edit each page to fit the needs of your classroom and students. That's right - all pages are editable!

That means you can take a simple design with just a table, add your own clipart, and turn it into this:

Once posted in the classroom, students can help you color in one icon for each time they make progress towards their goal. By allowing students to participate in the process, they become more motivated to work together, thus building classroom community!

There are also pages with kid clipart already in place. You can edit the text, insert your own set of images (or table), and print.

All of the pages with kid clipart have a color and b/w version included. This means you can print these goal sheets on your favorite colors to make them POP! If your classroom chooses a goal that they will meet more than one time during the year, slide the goal sheet into a sheet protector or laminate. Students can color in the icons using dry erase marker. Once the goal is met, just wipe it clean and start again.

Another way you can track student progress is to let your students place stickers inside the grid boxes.

You can find all of these editable classroom goal sheets here. If you have any questions or requests for designs you'd like to see added to this file, feel free to email me or leave me a comment.

Happy Teaching!

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